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Brain Function Information Flow Modeling to Increase Biomarker Specificity

Teaser:  This summer we will be releasing our Brain Function Information Flow Modeling Technology on the platform to help researchers with the identification and isolation of EEG-based brain function markers or neurodegenerative disease and mental illness.  This technology, called

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EEG Alzheimer’s Biomarker Algorithm Online And Live

We have just launched our first of many research-grade online biomarker algorithms to help investigators in their fight to provide all of us with better care for mental health and neurodegenerative diseases. The first is the Alzheimer's EEG marker algorithm

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Launch: Portal

On the 18th of April Dr. Zeman will give a talk describing the creation of our portal that will be used, with the participation of the research community, to refine and prove new innovative brain function biomarker algorithms. Zeman's

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