Launch: Portal

On the 18th of April Dr. Zeman will give a talk describing the creation of our portal that will be used, with the participation of the research community, to refine and prove new innovative brain function biomarker algorithms.

Zeman's talk is described below.  For more information and an announcement of the location (Victoria, BC), see the Young Entrepreneur's Society website:


Talk Abstract:
"A journey to true north: creating internet-based Alzheimer’s assessment – Dr. Philip Zeman
In this talk, Zeman describes the losses suffered and wins achieved during his journey starting his first corporation specializing in “Big Data” and understanding health and brain-related disease and disorders. Zeman holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. covering Engineering, Neurobiology, and Neuropsychology; he has proven himself to be "down to Earth" having done charity work abroad and to be of strong will and body having climbed on Rainier & Kilimanjaro, bicycled across Canada, and run the Gold River-to-Tahsis Ultramarathon.  His company, Applied Brain and Vision Sciences Inc., is one of a growing number of companies participating in a new market of early disease and disorder detection and health analytics."
To help you better understand how this contribution will help us understand mental health and improve how we do brain health research, see:
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