The NeuroScienceAccelerator™ is an online service to help brain science researchers share and compare their discoveries with others. The ultimate goal is to find methods of early detection of Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and other brain illnesses faster by identifying anomalies in the way a person's brain processes information. Early detection can lead to a greater understanding of the cause of the illness, and lead to better treatments or cures. The Neuroscience Accelerator provides a way for researchers and engineers to come together to make scientific discovery occur faster and at a lower cost.

What makes it unique:

  1. It is designed to help identify and test EEG algorithms for risk markers based on "brain function" and not blood or genetic testing,
  2. It is not simply another data aggregation, data sharing or social interaction site. It is an online platform to implement promising algorithms so that researchers can test them on their data, or compare outcomes from different algorithms. Discoveries in the laboratory are made available for others to use anywhere in the world.

It provides five valuable time and money saving services:

  1. Data cleaning. NeuroScienceAccelerator provides an automated process to reduce artifact in EEG.
  2. Artifact removal validation. Quality control procedures assure that only noise, not brain function data, was removed by the data cleaning.
  3. Algorithm implementation. We enable researchers to upload their algorithms and data so that other researchers have access to them for experimental replication. This is key to finding risk markers for early detection and treatment.
  4. Brain function modelling. Our new system, called MOST-EEG, can model 3d brain function information flows in a way that has not been available before.
  5. Brain Function Library. The NeuroScienceAccelerator seeks to host a brain function library with an ever growing brain function data set classified by stimulus to enable large data set research.

It’s all about cooperation, sharing and crowd sourcing!

The Neuroscience Research Accelerator is a new way of addressing brain science research challenges through the use of an Internet data processing portal. Advances in the field have been slow because discoveries in one lab require many other labs to replicate, share and compare the results. There has been no single platform to enable researchers to provide an online demonstration of their discovery. We need to move faster to address the growing global crisis in brain health, so we're using advanced technology and the Internet to help.


Technical Details

For those of you interested in the details of how the Neuroscience Research Accelerator will help to move brain research forward, we have provided some additional information below.

(1) Easy to access and easy-to-use sophisticated brain function analysis tools

Many of the new methodologies for processing EEG data that contain hints about how our brains work and malfunction in the presence of disease require a sophisticated technical background to use them correctly and efficiently. We have been implementing these tools in such a way as to make them easy to use by the non-technical neuroscience expert so that: (i) extra technical experts do not have to be hired to support the neuroscientist, and (ii) so that the neuroscience expert can focus on the science rather than writing software and learning analytical methods. The NeuroScienceAccelerator provides these tools so the user does not have to purchase expensive specialized software packages.

(2) Leading research data analysis scripts and custom software available for replication of leading research

It is a necessity to replicate findings of an experiment to increase the certainty that an effect found in one experiment is real. This requirement for replication is actually a requirement that slows the research field significantly because replicating prior research isn’t sexy. It is however a necessity in learning about a research field, advancing the field, and is a good way for researchers to add to their publication record. It is to the advantage of leading researchers to make their methods available on the Neuroscience Research Accelerator because it will make it easier for others to follow in their footsteps and cite the peer-reviewed publications in which the methods were first published and any other related publications. For example, we can use this to help in the replication research for brain disease/dysfunction markers such as those related to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and Alzheimer's disease.

(3) Aggregating data collected in multiple locations makes it possible to extract information from data that we could not otherwise find

This allows us to: (i) build realistic models describing how our brains process information and how our brains begin to fail in the presence of a disease or disorder, and (ii) find rarely occurring markers in the data that could be key in understanding important details about how our brains work and about brain-related disease and dysfunction.

(4) Anyone can send us data for processing and contribute to our project

We will receive data from medical, research, and consumer grade EEG systems and incorporate these data into our processes to help us understand brain function. We will provide access to the system so as many people as possible can process data for their own needs and also contribute their data for processing as aggregate data to build sophisticated brain function models to better understand brain function and brain-related disease.

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