The Impact

The Neuroscience Research Accelerator is an online platform that: removes many artifacts from EEG; applies researcher-submitted algorithms to measure the presence of risk markers; and adds data to a shared central brain function library containing data-driven models of how our brains transfer and process information. This will assist neuroscience research by bringing crowd data together with advanced algorithms to accelerate the identification of risk markers of neurodegenerative disease.

This new approach to neuroscience research will:

(1) provide online easy-to-use sophisticated brain function analysis tools to neuroscience investigators who would normally have to hire a technology expert,

(2) support replication of major brain illness research by making custom data analysis available in an easy-to-use automated form to all researchers,

(3) aggregate data collected from multiple researchers to generate robust data-driven brain function models and statistics

(4) identify subtle but significant patterns in the data, and

(5) make it possible to build a growing aggregate data library for building brain function models which will be available for use in research.

"NeuroScienceAccelerator"™ is a trademark owned by Applied Brain and Vision Sciences Incorporated